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    Are you currently thinking about repairing one of the computers that you own, or perhaps getting an upgrade? You have probably heard how much faster custom-built computers can be compared to those that are store-bought and ready to use. The choice that you make when getting a new computer may be very important, especially if this is related to your business. Here are some tips that you should use in conjunction with repairing an existing computer, upgrading it, or simply purchasing a custom-built unit that will help you in many ways.

    Computer Repair Services That Come To You 

    Have you ever had a problem with your computer?

    Are you not sure which computer company to turn to?

    Are you often worried about unplugging your PC?

    Are you even more worried about sending it out for repairs, and then wondering how you will put everything back together again?

    Well you should stop right there. Our company will come out to your home or business. We will provide you with the repairs that you need for your PC in situ, or we will simply take it with us and do the repairs at our workshop. We can then bring it back to you, and fully set it back up so that you won't have to worry about that process. There is absolutely nothing that you have to do. You simply need to give us a call so that we can help you out.


    No Call out Charge. No Fix No Fee
    Clean and Fast Web Services can do all this for you starting from £25.00

    Laptop Repair      Computer Repairs

    There is no need to lose your temper over a dysfunctional computer as we will be able to provide it with some technical first aid.

    Have you recently bought a new computer?

    Are you worried about setting it up? If so, we can do that for you for a fixed fee of £30.00.

    Here are some of the services that we offer: 

    We provide a PC health check

    We do data recovery and backup

    We will search your computer for spyware, viruses, and anything else that can lead to identity theft.

    We do upgrades

    We can do custom builds if you want a new PC

    We can respond to any problem that you have related to simple PC repairs such as installing a mouse for you, or do a complete computer systems upgrade, particularly if it is a Windows operating system - we will repair, fix and maintain your computer! 

    Computer virus removal services provided 

    If you do have a virus, or perceive that you do, we can use the latest virus detection and removal technology so that we can eradicate any so-called infections from your PC, and then repair any damage that has actually occurred. We will make sure that your software is always up-to-date, plus we will advise you on what precautions that you should consider in order to minimize further attacks in the future. 

    All of the software and components that you will purchase from us will be fitted at no cost. 

    Part of our on-site virus removal services that we provide, we can check for what is called 'Adware' and 'Spyware', the latter of which is able to steal your personal information such as your credit card details. The former will put annoying pop-ups on every website that you visit, things that can be easily removed. 

    We will be able to advise you on installation procedures, how to set up certain things, and also deal with email in the form of spam.

    We can check for 'identity theft' programs that may make you vulnerable to 'identity thieves', and give you advice on how to take care of this problem.

    Our goal is to always endeavour to find the best time to visit you, and we pride ourselves on prompt and fast service that can be provided to all of our customers for the most reasonable price.

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